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Today, cultivating the chemistry that allows everyone to contribute his or her best toward achieving team goals can be a tricky business. Employees show up for work with a wider range of work styles, values and cultural differences than ever before and most managers do not have the necessary skills to help their team become a cohesive work unit. The WIN 360 Team Inclusion Application is a new solution that drives teams toward practices that foster deeper engagement and inclusion, which leads to improved team performance.

WIN 360 Includes:

A web-based application for teams.
Self-paced eLearning modules to guide the experience
Reports and data that describe your team dynamic
On-site team facilitation by managers and team leaders
Regular mobile or desktop updates to keep the learning current
Optional training and consultation by WIN 360 experts to help you maximize your experience
What is the WIN 360

The WIN 360 is an engaging way to learn what’s really important to team members and to foster and capitalize on group intelligence. Through the WIN 360 Team Application and team discussions, learn to engage team members by learning what’s most important to them including:

  • Individual Qualities and Characteristics – The personal traits that make each person a unique individual.
  • Core Values – The values that guide choices and reactions.
  • Cultural and Demographic Identity – The physical traits, customs, values, and traditions shared between and within groups.
  • Work Style Identity – The special talents, characteristics, pacing, and habits that describe individual approaches to work.
  • Holidays and Celebrations - The important holidays and celebrations of team members and what it means to value them in a timely and meaningful way.
  • Professional Identity – Your view on the world based on what you do.
  • Geographic Identity – The physical locations within which team members most identify.
  • Hobbies and Civic Identity – The special interests and activities we engage in and the ways in which we contribute to communities or society at large.
What Makes the Win 360 Truly Unique?

The WIN 360 Inclusion Tool places the accountability for successfully managing engagement and inclusion where it belongs — between team leaders and their members. The WIN 360 combines the common sense knowledge of how to build effective teams with the resources needed to forge successful business connections with all kinds of people.

The WIN 360 helps teams increase their abilities to:

  • Pay attention to personal, cultural and work style issues that are important to each team member.
  • Share responsibility for monitoring and maintaining team norms that create an effective team culture.
  • Continuously measure and improve team chemistry to foster innovation and high performance.

The WIN360 also helps embed these important abilities within the organization so that they become an integral part of each employee’s work life.

How does the Win 360 Work?

Customize the various components to craft the best solution for your teams.

  • Orientation – Learn about the process so managers and teams are prepared to participate
  • Manager Training – Prepare the manager to facilitate ongoing team discussions
  • Baseline Assessment – Assess the current state of a team’s level of inclusion and engagement based on WIN Inclusive Team Norms
  • Independent Learning by Team Members – Take the WIN 360 team Application and eLearning modules
  • Team Discussions – Share what’s most important as related to the 8 Identity Cards and aggregate team data
  • Continuous Web Updates Ongoing Monitoring – Experience team improvement based on the WIN Insights Team Norms
  • "Just getting a lot of smart people in a group does not necessarily make a smart group."

    Thomas MaloneMIT's Sloan School of Management
Thomas Malone, an expert in organizational structure and group intelligence at MIT's Sloan School of Management, explains through his research "Just getting a lot of smart people in a group does not necessarily make a smart group." Malone and his colleagues found that group intelligence is correlated with sensitivity, openness, and receptiveness to others. In other words the emotional intelligence of group members serves the cognitive intelligence of the group overall. That is where the WIN 360 application comes in.

You can WIN! Solve Today’s Organization Challenges Related to Inclusion and Engagement

The Challenge: Too many differences not enough time or money

In today’s business environment differences encompass an ever growing array of identity dimensions including, race, religion, gender, social economics, language, nationality, sexual identity, region, language, ethnicity, age, marital and parental status, level of education, physical and mental ability, professional, level, military status… and the list goes on. In addition to these there are other differences that you must pay attention to including, values, thinking styles, personalities, working styles.

WIN 360 Solution: Learning Rooms Tool

Link from the Demographic and Cultural Identity Card so your employees can learn about the people who are actually on their teams. The Learning Rooms provide comprehensive historical, current, demographic, political and cultural information about the cultural identity dimensions that matter the most to their colleagues.

The Challenge: Today, classroom-based learning solutions are inadequate

There is not enough time or money to send employees to meaningful classroom-based training that will provide them with all of the knowledge they need about each of the potential differences they may face from colleagues or stakeholders.

WIN 360 Solution:

Provide access to knowledge at the desk top and send it directly to learner’s mobile device.

Identity Names and Terms Tool

Link from the Identity Names Card so team members learn about culturally relevant and sensitive group identity terminology. This knowledge helps employees avoid making mistakes in how they refer to and connect with colleagues and customers from different identity groups. Mobile ready so the terms come to you.

Global Holidays, Celebrations and Commemorations Tool

The Holiday Identity Card provides information about holidays celebrated by different identity groups all over the world and explains the workplace and community implications of these holidays. Mobile ready so the holidays come to you!

Identity Travel

Business travel is transforming the world as global and international companies assign their workforce around. Travelers from a range of identity differences need to be familiar with identity related challenges they may face as they travel abroad.

The Challenge: Translating soft skills knowledge from a classroom to a real team is inconsistent

If you want to build your team and engage its members they need to be a part of the process. Traditional learning related to diversity, and cultural and style differences typically creates mixed learning groups from all over the organization which means team members struggle to apply learning within their real work environment.

WIN 360 Solution:

WIN 360 provides formal and informal learning for real work teams and team conversations with actual team members. Team members learn about each other in the context that they are really operating within.

The Challenge: Lack of measurable results and accountability at the team level

The training event is over and everyone feels good but then what? How do you know that anything has really changed, how do you measure improvement? Who’s responsible for actually making the change happen?

WIN 360 Solution:

The WIN 360 gets team members to commit to share responsibility for maintaining the norms that will foster greater inclusion, engagement and team cohesion. Team members periodically reassess their team to identify ways to improve their collaboration.

The Challenge: Sensitive topics can cause backlash in your organization

Today terms like multicultural and diversity are experiencing a backlash all over the world. You have to be strategic about how you introduce these topics into your organization without making matters worse.

WIN 360 Solution:

WIN 360 allows team members to frame the learning from the point of view of personal identity. It allows everyone to define themselves, share what’s important to them, and select from a wide range of cultural, styles and values to help their team members get who they are…not judge who they are.

The Challenge: Unprepared managers and supervisors

It’s not news that many managers got their jobs because they were good at their craft. Now that they have to manage many kinds of people, they are faced with a task they may not be prepared for. But is unfair to place managers in the position of managing, across so many kinds of differences, treating everyone fairly, removing barriers to opportunity, all while monitoring their own biases.

WIN 360 Solution:

WIN 360 has a suite of independent Learning modules for managers to get the basics they need to manage in a complex people environment.

The Challenge: Too many competing priorities

Let’s face it, most leaders will say that building inclusive and engaged teams are important but what other critical priorities would you eliminate to make sure that they can spend the necessary time building their team?

WIN 360 Solution:

WIN 360 keeps team chemistry, inclusion and engagement top of mind, day in and day out.

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