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Grow in your Profession

Increase your competence as an OD, HR and D&I practitioner through Win Insights content,
cortication and CEU’s

Network and Share

Share challenges, insights and best practices in a community of likeminded professionals moderated by experts and Thought Leaders.

Perform with Confidence

With WIN Insights you have an evergreen and ever ready collection of knowledge and innovative tools that
you can immediate use

Run a world class diversity and inclusion program!

But first the change begins with you... WIN Insights provides you with the comprehensive knowledge and tools you need to become a highly skilled D&I professional. Begin your WIN experience today by joining the community of learners. As you grow in your knowledge…. add additional memberships to include your team members, colleges and eventually your entire organization.

What is WIN Insights?

Sue Ries Lamb, WIN Insights Chief Learning Officer

20 things WIN Insights can do for:


Take a Module modules are easily digestible bites of information

Quiz Your Understanding make sure you've got the key concepts

Ask a Question one of experts will answer your questions within 24 hours

Get CEU’s and Certification demonstrate your competence as a respected practitioner

Join a Thought Leadership Forum keep up to date about the workplace and community consequences of hot button societal issues

Continue to Learn about Your Identity help yourself and others engage and include the many dimensions of who you are

Request a New Module let us know what else you need

Your Teams

Learn about Inclusive Team Norms provide tools and assessments for your team leaders to help them implement inclusive norms

Support Hiring Managers help managers conduct interviews that are inclusive and unbiased

Facilitate Difficult Conversations provide team members with guidelines to feel confident to engage in challenging cross cultural identity discussions

Conduct an Inclusion Team Building Session use the WIN 360 to guide your teams to greater inclusivity and engagement

Explore Unconscious Bias use self-assessments to help managers and colleagues identify hidden bias

Your Organization

Develop Comprehensive Strategies that include systems, skills, sensitivities, self-awareness and sustainability

Identify Organizational Barriers through the use of assessments that pinpoint roadblocks

Build an Inclusion Business Case that describes your business needs, and gain stakeholder and leadership support

Design a Training program that covers all the key elements

Diagnose your Organization’s Informal Fit Requirements that weed out unnecessary informal norms

Prepare a Briefing and immediately use the knowledge and content to inform others

Find a Best Practice to see what’s worked before

Find Expert Recommended Resources by selecting from expert recommended, books, studies and media to support your continuous learning

Are you ready for today's cultural identity environment?

Where any issues can surface at any time that can affect your employees, customers, and business environment? You don't have time to attend conferences or schools, training programs…in today’s world that takes too long. You need to become fluent in important issues such as immigration, sexual identity, race, social class, global religions, generations, along with many competing values and beliefs... in the moment right now. Our leaning, tools and expert moderated forums are here to help you competently and confidently respond to today’s pressing business and community issues.